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Because we are your #1 stop for all inquiries regarding crypto and blockchain tech
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We specialize in helping clients get started in cryptocurrency. This includes wallet setup, exchange support and an overview of the best security practices to keep your crypto safe.

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With numerous options to consider, we offer guidance to help you choose the right tools for mining. We help with cost analysis, hardware sourcing and hosting.

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We offer blockchain development services for creating tokens, smart contracts and other software solutions. We also provide code audits and project guidance for existing applications.

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We provide technical analysis and OTC market services for blockchain invesments. Whether you want advice for an investment decision or to understand the industry landscape, our team will make sure you’re fully informed.

About CryptoCurrency Consulting

Here is where our story begins:

Since the early crypto days of 2014, we've been providing professional expertise to improve the understanding of digital currency and blockchain technology. Since then, we've expanded our services to include mining, research, blockchain development and educational programs. We pride ourselves on having a 4 year track record in an industry that's only 8 years old with a long list of satisfied clients.

Our Team

A sneak peak to our Firm

Michael Lewellen

CEO & Principal Consultant
Michael has been involved in the blockchain space as an investor and consultant since 2012. He founded Cryptocurrency Consulting in 2014. Since 2016, he’s been working on Ethereum applications and smart contracts. Michael is also President of the Blockchain Club at UT Dallas.

Humza Shazad

COO & Technology Consultant
Humza is a serial entrepreneur and emerging technology consultant. In early 2016, he became intrigued by smart contract platforms. At Ericsson, he served as a Performance & Transformation Consultant and Global Blockchain Driver examining Blockchain from an institutional perspective.

Naveed Haque

CMO & Software Consultant
Naveed began his journey with blockchain in 2017 with AIG’s innovation department. His background is mostly with Hyperledger including an IBM Blockchain certification. He also has an extensive background in marketing being a leading partner of Major Keys Marketing.

Joe Terry

Mining Consultant
A Software Engineer for 30 years. Joe wrote games for Apple, Atari 400/800, the TRS (“trash”) 80 from Radio Shack, and the TI 994a Home Computer. Joe now brings that experience to the endlessly fascinating world of Masternodes and Cryptocurrency.

Paul Cyr

Crypto Consultant
Paul has been working with cryptocurrencies since 2013, and is likely mining bitcoin on his main PC as we speak. He is currently working on his Computer Engineering degree which he plans to use to further his career in the blockchain industry.

Yasir Choudhury

Crypto Consultant
Yasir has kept up in the cryptocurrency space since 2012. His background includes cryptocurrency consultations and trades since 2014. Yasir is majoring in electrical and computer engineering to use in the advancement of the blockchain industry.


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